Sunday School Hour

Our intention in this hour is to see the body built up through teaching that is adapted to the different stages of life. The classes are divided as follows:

  • Babies- Nursery
  • 3-5 years olds
  • 6-9 year olds
  • 10-12 year olds
  • 13-18 year olds
  • College and Career
  • Ladies Group
  • Men's Group

Morning Worship Service

  • The focus of this meeting time is expressing our worship to God through music, giving, and attentiveness to His Word.
  • The service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Our music would be considered traditional. We sing rich hymns that have been around for hundreds of years as well as those that have been written recently.
  • The sermons have an expositional format of preaching through a book of the Bible while endeavoring to present the gospel for those who visit the church for the first time.

Sunday Evening Service

  • We refer to this time as our family gathering
  • In the winder months, we have a kids program in conjunction with our evening service. Everyone meets together for singing and teaching time for 45-50 minutes. The kids then have an activity time for 45 minutes following the singing and teaching time.
  • Much of the same music format is used as in the morning. We usually teach a new song each month.
  • The preaching focuses on a need facing the church or an exposition of the book of the Bible.

Wednesday Evening Service

  • The focus of this time is prayer.
  • A challenge is given from God's Word followed by a time of sharing requests and praying.
  • The teens meet separately and follow up from former messages, discuss a need that teens are facing, or travel through a video series.
  • The College and Career group vary their meetings. Many times they meet in the home of Pastor Brian and enjoy a meal along with a study in God's Word. Other times they spend reaching out to our church family or people in the community.
  • At this time there is not a separate meeting for children.